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“…We could be an island of resistance, an experiment, a laboratory, or even a self growth workshop and an open forum for exchange of knowledge and energies...”

Kosturica is an organic farm looking for alternatives to the current agricultural model. It is formed by a group of young people that work full time growing vegetables and distributing them. This initiative is build on the direct relationship between producers and consumers, who receive periodical reports on the situation in the farm through email and social media.

They live in a XII century “Masia” (Catalan farmhouse) located in Canovelles, Catalonia. They want to keep the rural culture and they are looking for recovering gradually animal power and techniques related to country life of all kinds.

Currently, five people on staff grow four acres of orchard with mixed vegetables. They are the core of the experience although there are a number of people who come to help in exchange for vegetables. Kosturica weekly supply around 170 families from around Barcelona.
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